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Are you struggling with:

  • low self-esteem?
  • communicating with others?
  • setting goals and staying on track?
  • planning and organizing?
  • creating a work/life or school/life balance?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then WELCOME! You're in the right place. I can help! 

Through coaching I have come to realize that at the core of nearly every negative situation, unhealthy relationship, and dream deferred are self-imposed walls and barriers to success. We all have a belief system about who we are and what we are capable of. Often our beliefs are not grounded in reality or fact, but are imposed upon us by the people we love and value the most. Other times, beliefs are ingrained by society. Our belief system becomes internalized and unconscious over time, manifesting as the little voice inside our heads that tell us what we can’t have, what we can’t do, what we don’t deserve, and who we can’t be. Sound familiar?

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Hello, I'm Sienna Tarniella. As a Certified Professional Coach, I offer practical tools to help clients overcome false beliefs about their limitations and solve life's problems. I empower women and teen girls, especially those with motivational blocks stemming from past sexual abuse. Not sure if I'm the right coach for you? Let's find out together - consultation is always free!

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